by WestCoast Weasel WestCoast Weasel
September 21, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen / Weasels and Weaselettes, After years of reading other creature’s dribble online, I have decided to give into the presumption that what I have to say might pique the interest of others.  There was a time when blogs were simply journals, podcasts were simply audio downloads, and pornography was either stolen or purchased with a fake ID.  These times have passed us, so now The Weasel (herein referred to as “me” or “I”) must speak. Posts will include “Turncoat Turntable” (album reviews), “Renegade Rock Review” (gig/event reviews), “Informant Inquisition” (interviews) and periodic “Screeching” (thoughts) and “Squeeks” (rants). In the future, I hope to broaden my offerings.  Until that time, welcome to

…Weasel Was Here


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