by WestCoast Weasel WestCoast Weasel
September 28, 2009


    One week ago I took it upon myself to start, with a few ideas in hand.  Since then, I have gathered content for the first two releases, of all three main segments (Turncoat Turntable, Renegade Rock Review and Informant Inquisition).  The feedback has been overwhelming and the momentum continued today when our college journalist cousin, Prairie “Oyster” Dog joined the WestCoast Weasel family.  He will be both editor in chief, as well as co-contributor of content.  We are seeking a weasel worthy “Metal Muskrat” to review the metal scene’s show and releases.  This is no place for the weasel alone.  Suggestions will be considered via our upcoming contact page.  FAQ and some other improvements will emerge soon.  Remember to follow the weasel.

-Weasel Was Here


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