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October 6, 2009

While words such as entrepreneur, punk rocker, single mother, activist, bartender and potential city councilor may conjure up contradictory images, Wendy Thirteen (manager of The Cobalt, Vancouver’s hardcore bar) challenges those rules and stereotypes.  I had the pleasure of interviewing her on the final weekend.  Here’s her story:

Weasel: How many years have you run the bar and did you ever expect it to be such a huge part of the local scene?

Wendy: Off and on, almost ten years between here and The Asbalt (The Astoria)… back n’ forth, back n’ forth, back n’ forth, when evicted by the man…now evicted by the slumlords.

Weasel: So is the city or the landlords pushing for the close?

Wendy: A bit of both.  It’s a bit of both.  It’s the landlord this time though.

Weasel: What would be the most memorable show you’ve had here?

Wendy: For me?

Weasel: Yeah

Wendy: The Exploited and probably tonight’s gonna be pretty epic too.

Weasel: Yeah, the line-up looks pretty good

Wendy: Yeah

Weasel: So is there any other scene or music related ventures that you’ll be involved in, in the future?

Wendy: Yeah, I’m still actively looking for a new venue.  It’s pretty slim pickin’s though.  The government seems to have bought up and shut down every available skid bar in the vicinity, so…kinda blows.

Weasel: And people can find out more about that at your website?

Wendy: Yep,

Weasel: Until then, can you suggest an alternate venue or predict where the kids will go? In the interim?

Wendy: I don’t know man…. Pub 340 I guess… the Rickshaw, the Bourbon, Pat’s Pub.  That’s the only places really doing live music anymore.

(Guy in line interrupts, claiming he’s never seen Wendy with her hair down but she “looks very pretty with it down”.  She thanks him.)

Weasel: Now, I suspect there’s less violence that occurs here than other venues, despite its hardcore image.  Would that be true?

Wendy: True

Weasel: Not much of that?

Wendy: We don’t have any Granville St. hommies fuckin’ hangin’ out here. (laughs)

Weasel: Right, right.  I understand you ran for city council?

Wendy: Yeah, I have twice and I will again.

(Wendy stops to notice someone ejecting a stream of water, possibly piss from an upstairs suite onto the street)

Weasel: Was there any negative stigma when it came to that [running for council], due to being tied to running a hardcore bar?

Wendy: Mmmm… I don’t know.  I just like to stir the pot.

Weasel: Right, ok.  And lastly, where can people get involved, or where would you suggest other people get involved?

Wendy: With what?

Weasel: With either city council, or starting…

Wendy: I suggest everyone that fuckin’ gives a shit about the state of the government should fuckin’ run for fuckin’ office.  It’s time for some different voices I think, ya know?

Weasel: Ok, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Wendy: Viva la ‘balt.

Weasel: Viva la ‘balt. Okay, thank you for your time.

Wendy: Cheers

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