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October 14, 2009

A Wilhelm Scream just finished their Canadian tour last week, so I went down to Seattle to ask both Brian and Nick some questions regarding it, the upcoming EP and more.  Both Brian and Nick can be heard playing bass and drums respectively on their latest release (2007’s Career Suicide) and are now touring the United States.  Here’s what they had to say:

Weasel: So you guys just finished a Canadian tour? (both confirm)  Edmonton, A.B’s my hometown and I currently live in Vancouver, B.C.  Myself and people up there are curious how the tour went for you guys?

Nick: It was good

Brian: Yeah, a lot of kids at the shows and we’ve always done pretty good in Canada and it’s interesting to see, when we come back, the shows seem to get better and better each time

Weasel: Are there any notable shows or experiences?

Brian: Ummm… I don’t know… they were all great.  Like, I was really stoked on the Toronto show because I live just outside of Toronto.  ‘Saw a lot of friends…a lot of old friends and hung out with them and just had a good time.  I hung out with the singer of my old band, and I barely get to see those people anymore, so that was notable for me.

Nick: Last night in Vancouver was pretty fun.  A bigger turnout than I expected.  We walked around this crazy bum town, like the worst part of Vancouver.

Brian: East Hastings

Weasel: Yeah, it’s a pretty seedy area for sure.

Brian and Nick: Yeah

Nick: I’d never seen so many cracky, homeless people in one area, in my whole life.

Weasel: Yeah, it’s really bad up there.

Brian: It’s funny because the rest of Vancouver, other than that area is absolutely beautiful (Nick laughs and nods in agreement)

Weasel: Yeah, it’s gorgeous.  And they’re (the cops and city council) really trying to push them out of there in anticipation for the Olympics

Brian: Ohhh… right

Weasel: They’re only concerned about that; it seems, for that reason.  I’m curious how the turnout was in Fort McMurray, AB?

Brian: Ohh… (both laugh) It was actually our third time playing there.  We know the promoter really well and it’s the type of town where they don’t get many shows so the people that hear that there’s any type of rock… like, we could have been a jazz band and I’m sure we would have still rocked it pretty hard.  I don’t know… like crazy people…

Nick: Yeah people were pretty intense… get wasted before the show and they go pretty nuts when you start playing.  It was pretty cool.

Brian: And really…ya know… really hot girls, but very… wouldn’t want to touch that (laughter amongst us) because you know that girl with the short skirt has fuckin’ been around the block in Fort Mac.

Weasel: With the whole town… all of the oil guys…

Brian: Yeah (laugh)… am I wrong?

Nick: Everyone except for me (laugh)

Weasel: Now, I’ve heard that as far as Canadian bands that you’re a fan of, Propagandhi would be one of them (both quickly agree).  Are there any other Canadian punk bands or not even, just of other genres that you’re a fan of?

Nick: Uhh…Living With Lions (laughs) (they are touring on the same bill)

Brian: Yeah, we listen to Living With Lions a lot in the van.  I’m a gigantic Rush fan but I don’t think that’s a Canadian thing, I think it’s a bass player thing.  Yeah, Geddy Lee’s a great bass player, but I don’t like his voice that much but…

Weasel: Yes, it can wear a little thin…

Nick: The Flatliners

Brian: Yeah, we’re good buddies with them but they’re also a band we also put on in the van to listen to.

Weasel: The self-titled EP that’s coming out—I see it’s “coming out soon” everywhere but is there an actual release date or an estimated release date? (both laugh)

Brian: Umm…I don’t know.  What month is it now, October? (Nick confirms) So, I don’t know, maybe like July….earlier this year, but it just didn’t come out.  No, I’m joking.  The last I heard—the end of November… it should be out.

Weasel: The Paper & Plastic label.  Was the choice because you’re a fan of the vinyl format? I understand you’re friends with Vinnie (head of label) but was it more than that….due to the format they’re pushing right now?

Nick: I don’t know if it was necessarily that, but we were kinda stoked about it after the fact, sorta thing.  You know what I mean? We like Vinnie’s ideas because he’s down to do these crazy die-cuts and all this kind of different stuff.   He’s got these different ideas on how to attack promoting stuff and whatnot.

Brian: Interesting packaging to get kids stoked on buying records again as opposed to ya know…downloading it illegally.  He’s also done the digital downloads stuff too

Weasel: Yeah, it seems like it’s MP3 and vinyl.  They’re not doing many CD’s, although I do understand that you are including one in the jacket…

Brian and Nick: Yeah

Weasel: Now, I would normally assume that a band who gains momentum, which you have, would possibly move to either a more established or a bigger label… like a jump from Nitro to a label in the same league or possibly even bigger.  Was that not a concern, or does that even matter to you guys?

Brian: Well, ya know, we put ourselves out there to a few labels.  I’m not going to name any specifically but it just kept going back to Vinnie being the guy who’s really, truly, honestly interested in putting us out.  And I think that’s what really mattered to us the most, was the fact that somebody was really really into …”I wanna work with Wilhem.”  We got that vibe off of him and we never; with anyone else we pushed ourselves towards, never really got the same enthusiasm back.  It’s the nicest way I can put it.

Weasel: Well, yeah…that makes sense.  Matt Bayles will be mixing the EP, I understand. (Brian confirms) That’s the first departure from Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore.  Would we expect him to work on the full length that you’re also working on?

Nick: I still think that’s kinda up in the air. (Brian confirms)  I guess this last recording came out pretty good.  We did it ourselves.

Brian: Yeah we recorded it ourselves and sent it over to Matt for mixing.  We’re pretty stoked on it.

Nick: I think it came out pretty good.

Weasel: Cool… now Brian, I understand your playing ability has been credited as at least one of the reasons why the last record was so fast. (both grin)  With songs like “Fun Time” upcoming, can we expect a slightly different pace overall on either of the forthcoming releases?

Brian: Yeah, “Fun Time” is a lot slower of a song but it’s by no means not a Wilhelm Scream song.  The EP is very up and down.  In certain parts we still have the…  like “Fun Time” is the slower paced song on the record.  We ended up doing a video for it when we were in the UK last, but no, there’s no departure in terms of the momentum we’ve had.

Nick: There’s still a lot of fast stuff, like on our previous records.

Weasel: Great.  Is there anything else you two would like to add?

Brian: Well, I’m stoked to go down the west coast and do “the box” of North America. (draws a box with his hand)

Nick: Yeah, it’s been a while since we’ve done that, so it should be good.

Weasel: Great, well thank you both for your time.

(Full show review to follow in Renegade Rock Review #5.)

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  1. A really great interview,although I am not familiar with the band I must now seek out their music

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