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WestCoast Weasel: NOFX, for the first time in years, decided not to release an EP or singles prior to a full album release to cash in on diehard fans.  This time around, they waited until the album had been out for about six months, offering mostly b-sides instead of album cuts.  Fat Mike’s claim is that these songs were left off of 2009’s Coaster because they were too good, and should have their own proper release.  This translates to: “Here’s 11 minutes, spread over 5 songs, over two 7”s (or one CD)… we want your money.”

Prairie “Oyster” Dog: It’s stupid to say that anything would be left off for being “too good.”  And they’re not “too good.”  Well, one song might be, but I’m glad it was left off.  I loved Coaster, and I was pretty excited to see what else came from the sessions.
Weasel: Does it become more difficult for non-partying members, El Hefe (guitar/vocals) and Smelly (sober for roughly 15 years), to find drug/alcohol abuse subject matter amusing or interesting as it becomes more and more prevalent?

Dog: Eh, it’s not like they’re singing the words.  They clearly love being in the band, as evidenced by Backstage Passport.  Would it be better if they sang about the depressing side of drugs and alcohol?  I doubt it.

Weasel: It wasn’t so much a question of positive/negative angles, though I would have to agree.  Having any amount of filler on an EP is simply asinine.  The pointless, boring “Straight Outta Massachusetts” is the token “we like to waste your fucking time” song often found on NOFX records.  He “moved from Massachusetts because it was fucking cold”.  Good job.

Dog: I see what you mean, but it’s not like it’s terrible.  If anything, I applaud the fact that it was left off of a proper album.  It’s the sort of thing that would have been fine on 45 or 46 Songs

Weasel: If you’re referring to the Fuck The Kids & Surfer side of that release I would agree, whereas the main part of that release is a b-sides compilation containing some of their best songs (“Drugs Are Good”, “We Threw Gasoline…”, “The Plan”, “Vincent”, etc), possibly rivaling any greatest hits album.  I hoped after the introduction of “Cokie the Clown” the experience would heighten, not decline (not to be confused with The Decline, which in itself is a career high point).

Dog: Yeah, The Decline was a triumphant experiment, but you shouldn’t expect that another EP would be anything like it.

Weasel: Yeah…that’s really what I was going for with that one.  “Cokie” has grown on me but it’s nothing special.  I had to look past using a song about the use of a clown’s chest pinned flower to bombard someone’s face with drugs, namely cocaine as the EP’s title track/video.

Dog: I love the lyrics, actually.  “I’m sure you’ll have fun / Watching me juggle / 8-balls at one time / I don’t fucking mind”.  Fat Mike and Melvin have always acted like clowns in their approach to drugs, so this seems like a logical next step.

Weasel: Mind you, the album cover’s gold.

Dog: Now that we can agree on.  The EP is worth existing if only for the cover.

Weasel: “Fermented and Flailing” is reminiscent of “We Threw Gasoline on The Fire and Now Have Stumps for Arms and No Eyebrows” with a hint of The War on Errorism; it exemplifies why I still love this band—specifically Fat Mike. This is the “better than Coaster” track.

Dog: I’d say it’s just as good as some of the best songs as Coaster.  My initial thoughts regarding Coaster were that it benefitted from its short length.  However, I’d say if they included “Fermented” and the short, punchy “Codependence Day,” the record would probably be stronger.

Weasel: “Codependence Day” isn’t bad; the last verse is awesome.  The inclusion of tambourine at the end acts as a nice break from the appealing, though typical percussion in the bulk of their catalogue.  What’s far stronger is when Mike sings “For once, I’m sincere” on “My Orphan Year”—the acoustic version of one of Coaster’s boldest tracks, delving into otherwise foreign personal territory.

Dog: I loved the original version, but this actually made me drop what I was doing.  The spare acoustics and subtle vocal performance separate this from most NOFX tracks.  It’s genuinely moving; I half-expected an orchestra to make an appearance.

Weasel: They’ve claimed to only give it 60 or so percent, and offering three out of five good songs is exactly that.

Dog: The only song I’m not that thrilled with is “Massachusetts” and I think it’s forgivable.  That said, while I really like the title track, orphan I’m glad it was omitted from Coaster; the same can be said for the new “My Orphan Year.”  I think the original fits the album better, though I prefer the acoustic version.

Weasel: Five words:  Hanging on by a thread.

Dog: Try some of the laced kettle corn and lined fudge—you’ll have a great time.

Click the track name for lyrics in a new tab/window.

01. Cokie The Clown
02. Straight Outta Massachusetts
03. Fermented And Flailing
04. Co-Dependence Day
05. My Orphan Year (Acoustic)

Never trust vermin. Support the artist and find out for yourself. encourages purchasing Cokie The Clown and/or My Orphan Year locally at Red Cat Records in Vancouver, B.C, any independent record store of your choice or online here. Lyrics courtesy of MusicMademe.

Cokie The Clown

Straight Outta Massachusetts – Fat Mike & Darla (daughter) on Adventures with Rufus

NOFX – My Orphan Year (Acoustic – MySpace Transmissions)

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Toys are fun and should be accessible to everyone.  This holiday season we’re gearing up to help make this a reality for numerous lower mainland children (Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, etc).  We invite you to take a few minutes of your time to show your support to help the kids.  With your help and friends will purchase toys/books that will be distributed amongst low-income families via The Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau.  This provides an opportunity to see where our money and hard work goes.  Photos of every single toy will be posted online to showcase our success and your dedication.

First, second and third prizes will be awarded to the top three contributors as well as a random prize draw.  This provides a potential win/win situation for everyone involved (in case providing toys isn’t enough already).  The highest contributor has his/her choice of Grand Prize Pack #1 or #2.  The second highest will receive the other Grand Prize Pack.  The third highest will receive Prize Pack #3.  We will do a random draw for its prize pack.  PRIZES ARE SUBJECT TO IMPROVE FURTHER.

Grand Prize Pack #1

Shout Out Out OutIntegration Time (double 12” vinyl) w/ free album download  [courtesy of Red Cat Records]
Chadio & Aalo GuhaUnderestimated Raindrops (CD) [courtesy of artist]
Liquid Amber TattooRed Zip Hoodie (large) [courtesy of Liquid Amber Tattoo]
Beatstreet Records$20 Gift Certificate [courtesy of WestCoast Weasel]
Grand Prize Pack #2

WeezerRaditude (180gram 12” vinyl) [courtesy of Red Cat Records]
t-shirt (w/ free MP3 download of new album Smoke Alarm Charm) [courtesy of artist]
Equinox Skate and Apparelt-shirt (size of your choice) [courtesy of Equinox]
Liquid Amber Tattoo
$20 Gift Certificate [courtesy of WestCoast Weasel]

Prize Pack #3
Eskimo Snow (12” vinyl) [courtesy of Red Cat Records]
Manta Ray-Gun
Spirokeet (cassette) + t-shirt (medium) [courtesy of artist]
LBSCs/t (CD) [courtesy of artist]
Red Cat Records
-$10 Gift Certificate [courtesy of WestCoast Weasel]

Random Prize Draw:

Chadio & Aalo GuhaUnderestimated Raindrops (CD) [courtesy of artist]
Itunes$15 Gift Certificate [courtesy of WestCoast Weasel]

Additional prize donations are welcomed as an alternative to financial Picture 1 contribution, to provide incentive for those in a position to contribute monetarily.  If you’re in a band, have a clothing company, or are an artist and would like to donate a prize; that is a wonderful way of showing support and getting your product out there.  We will also ensure credit / link on the website and Facebook results page.  Please get in touch ASAP.

There’s various ways to support this drive, not limited to a financial contribution.  Here’s three main ways you can help us, help them:

1.    monetary donation (Min: $5  Max: n/a – Maximum donation will be matched by up to a maximum of $150)
2.    prize donation (music, art, clothing or something equally appropriate)
3.    WORD OF MOUTH (if you are unable/uninterested in donating, you may know someone who does.  This form of support is equally as important)

Donations can be made on or before December 16, 2009.  Cash donations will be accepted at Noshit- Arts and Crafts, Show and Sale @ The Gam Gallery (Dec 12-13) or by contacting me directly (see below).

We accept credit card payments using our secure, online Pay-Pal system.  You do not need a Pay-Pal account.


NOTE: The form will require an email address and phone number.  Feel free to put fake or old information if you don’t want that information in our records.  However, your address must be entered as it appears on your credit card bill.  Be sure to print your tax deductible receipt when given the option, otherwise it will be found in your valid email inbox.

Q: Why toys?  Isn’t shelter and food more important? 

A: While food/shelter are vital, there are already numerous programs focusing on these necessities.  Here’s a few links if you’d like to show them your support as well.
We are focusing on sharing joy, by the means of entertainment and/or education, which is appropriate considering what we do here at

Q:  I’m not Christian and/or don’t support the materialistic angle of Christmas.
A: Neither are we.  We are non denominational.  This is a “holiday season” toy drive.  Providing toys to under privileged children, in our opinion shouldn’t violate the scrooge like stance that one may carry.  We are not suggesting rings or vacations for that “special someone.”  We’re buying toys and/or books for kids.  We don’t believe this is the only time of year people should be socially conscious or donating, though it would surely be the most successful.

  What is contributing?
A:  Weasel (Steve Roland) will match the highest donation, up to a maximum of $150.  Prizes (CD’s, vinyl and/or merch) will also be purchased as incentive for generous donators. is currently a non-profit organization and this one person’s personal contribution.

  What stores will be receiving our hard earned money?
A:  Both locally owned/operated toy stores (Granville Island Toy Company, Kaboodles, The Toybox, etc) as well as Canadian chain stores (London Drugs, Toys R’ Us) will be scouted to ensure a balance of unique, affordable and valuable selections.  US and/or International companies such as Wal-Mart or IKEA will not be considered.

What is the price range of each toy?
A: We feel that a $5 minimum and $15 maximum is appropriate to ensure we can get as many valuable toys as possible.  For example, if we raise $300 that is a minimum of twenty children we help have a brighter day.

How does the random prize draw work?  When will prizes be awarded?
A: Every donation will be tracked with a unique number and a number will be drawn at random after the campaign closes.  All prizes will be awarded in the first week of January.

We welcome any questions/concerns and/or constructive suggestions.  Let’s keep the spirit positive.  If you are interested in a banner exchange (you advertise us, we advertise you) feel free to contact me.

We don’t cease to play because we grow old, we grow old because we cease to play.” – G.B Shaw

Thank you,

Steve “Weasel” Roland


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