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December 9, 2009

After being recently star-struck by Northcote, a singer/songwriter folk project by Matt Goud (Means, The Emerson Letters) during his performance at The Media Club, I approached him for a few words regarding his influences, the new project, and his plan here in Vancouver.  A few lines of worthy bystander praise were included as an introduction.

Bystander #1: I thoroughly enjoyed your show.  It was a first for me.  I love your writing.

Bystander #2: It was awesome.  Fucking awesome!

Matt: Thanks, I appreciate that.

Bystander #2: I was told “You have to see this,” and I was like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” but it was awesome.  I’m going to post some video I stole.  (Matt laughs)  It was the encore…

Bystander #1: Yeah, what fuck was that encore?!  That was incredible.

Weasel: “Blind” by Face to Face.  I couldn’t believe it when you busted that out.

Matt: Yeah, I saw you right up front with the Propagandhi shirt on—that’s cool.

Weasel: Cool.  I’d never really heard you before, other than a few MySpace tracks but I was so blown away to the point that I had to get an interview, so I’m glad that you’re taking a few moments of your time to speak to me.  What is the name of your hometown?

Matt: Carlisle, Saskatchewan.  It’s about a thousand people or something like that.  It’s in the south-east corner.

Weasel: How would Northcote differ from your previous projects?  Obviously Means was a hardcore project and then Emerson Letters was mellow along the same lines as this?

Matt: Yeah, well I was doing records on the side of Means just for fun and I released one. (The Emerson Letters – See This Through)  I felt that with Means disbanding—that was huge part of my life.  I did that since high school.  So that ended, I had experience with touring and I felt like a new start so I went with Northcote, which seemed to fit the best.

Weasel: The new album Borrowed Chords, Tired Eyes—where was it recorded?

Matt: In Regina.  There’s this yoga studio and in the back of it was kind of a studio.  The guy’s done some great bluegrass records, some pop records and stuff.  He’s just starting so I went there for a couple of weeks and we recorded 18 songs, picked half of them and a year later or whatever…finally got it together.


Weasel: Obviously some influences would include Hot Water Music, The Gaslight Anthem and Face to Face judging by the cover tunes heard earlier, which by the way were amazing.  I came hoping to hear Trusty Chords (Hot Water Music), but when you busted out The 59’ Sound (The Gaslight Anthem)—with Gaslight being one of my favorite bands—I was just as stoked, but you ended up doing both, only to close with Blind (Face to Face)—a favorite song growing up.  That was awesome. (agreed by nearby patron)

Matt: Thanks so much.

Weasel: Are there any other influences that you’d note?

Matt: Punk rock/hardcore growing up and it is still a big part of what I learn and shit.  My favorite hardcore band is probably Good Riddance.  My philosophies come from a lot of different areas.  I was raised Christian and (though) I love Good Riddance.  I take the most, probably from that band.  The vegetarian (influence) and that.  Now, doing singer/songwriter, Neil Young is kind of like the big guy.  I don’t have all of his records of whatever but as far as people that I think have an interesting career would be Neil Young.

Weasel: Have you heard any of the singer/songwriter material from Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem) or Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music) [who both released a split 7” Gospel Songs together in 2009]?

Matt: I don’t know the Gaslight Anthem one but I went and saw Chuck in Seattle a month ago.  It was very good.  I think with my project, punk rock has always been— the energy of punk rock—I always wanted to be in what I do.  But, that was awesome.  I got star-struck a little seeing him.  It was great.

Weasel: You mentioned that you’re living in Van for a few months, or you’ve been here for a few months?

Matt: Yeah, I’m just living here ‘till Christmas but I’ve been here since the summer.  With this record coming out I wanted to try, as much as I could swing it (to expose the material abroad).  I work at a furniture store but I’m hoping to go to Toronto for a bit, but I mean Vancouver’s probably my favorite place.  I’ll probably end up here at some point but I’m just kinda playin’ gigs around, learning, getting experience to help my songwriting, meeting people and shit like that.

Weasel: Cool.  I understand you’re coming back to The Media Club for an art show.  Can you tell me more about that?

Matt: Yeah, a couple friends of mine are doing an art show and I’m doin’ the music for it.  The one person is doing photography and the other is doing artwork.  That’s about all I know about it.

Weasel: That’s on the 14th right?  Great, I’ll see you there.  Thanks for your time.

Matt: Thanks

…Weasel Was Here

Check out the free art show on December 14, 2009 with paintings by Tyler Schwindt, photography by Mark Cohene, and music by Northcote and My Friend John.  8pm @ The Media Club, Vancouver, B.C.
Visit Northcote online:


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