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It’s a new week in a new year in a new decade.  Looking forward, we have some exciting plans in 2010 for our readers.  First and foremost—the site will have a complete overhaul.  I’ve been working like a crazed coffee-drinking, meal-skipping, up-at-the-crack-of-dawn kind of vermin on the new design.  You should see this improvement soon.   weez

Roughly three months ago I took it upon myself to write an album review of Megadeth – End Game for kicks.  I decided to share it with a few people who seemed to enjoy reading it perhaps more than I did.  Being the critic I was about to become, I knew vast improvements would have to be made if I did another.  I hadn’t really formulated a plan of any kind of running a blog/site full-time but I did find the idea of doing something productive involving music appealing.  I took the nickname my father donned upon me since moving to Vancouver (West Coast Weasel) and made some likable imagery, as well as some witty categories. 

Since then, I’ve reviewed an additional five albums (plus two from my beloved editor) and ten live performances (plus two additional guest submissions).  These can be found in the Turncoat Turntable and Renegade Rock Review archives, respectively. 

Additionally, what I am equally, if not more happy and proud of is arranging the opportunity to meet some people I truly respect in the music industry and to have a conversation with them.  Frank Turner was happy to wait patiently as I transcribed my first interview nervously by scribbling in a notepad backstage at The Commodore Ballroom.  I switched to digital recording for the interview with Wendy Thirteen who shared both her angst and optimism outside of The Cobalt before it closed its doors.  Brian and Nick from A Wilhelm Scream and I sat down backstage on a couple ratty sofas at Studio Seven during my first jaunt down to Seattle.  Propagandhi returned to Vancouver for the first time in roughly a decade where I met Chris, Jord and Todd after their sound check at The Rickshaw Theatre.  Todd was kind enough to have a thorough discussion out back and slip me an all access pass to get a new friend into the sold out show.  I also waltzed through the side door of The Red Room hoping to find Devin of Cobra Skulls, who was happy to sit down, answer some questions, and reminisce about (our) glory days of punk rock music.  Having no preconceived plan to interview Matt Goud of Northcote didn’t prevent me from coming up with some quality questions on the fly as we stood out in the rain outside of The Media Club.  Although I missed the chance to meet Ben Weasel (of Screeching Weasel) at their sold out one off show at New City in Edmonton, he has since contacted me regarding an interview.  I have spoken with artists who are currently making their mark in the independent punk and/or rock scene, along with a couple who introduced me to it originally when I was a teenager.  Had it not been for them, I probably wouldn’t be writing this letter to those who now enjoy some things that I have to say. (Note: Frank Turner, A Wilhem Scream, Cobra Skulls, and Propagandhi all made the top albums of 2009 as voted by thousands of punk rock fans around the world at  A couple of them also made ours.) 

With the help of many individuals we totaled roughly $480 worth of contributions for Weasel’s Holiday Toy Drive.  42 children received a hand picked gift from my lovely elf helpers and I via the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau on December 24, 2009.  We hope to take what we’ve learned from what was a first attempt at such a venture and make the project an even greater success in 2010.

According to Google Analytics, we had over 1100 (give or take) unique hits by January 1 to the site since its inception during the last week of September.  While this may not be large in terms of viral internet trends, I never used to share my thoughts and work with over a thousand people across 33 countries/territories (including Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Russia, South Africa), so I consider it a notable achievement.  We’ve had next to no advertisement for the site.

I also had the pleasing opportunity to offer, exclusive free distribution of the long awaited album, Smoke Alarm Charm from my close Albertan friends in LBSC.

In conclusion, I suppose writing that Megadeth review wasn’t a bad idea after all.  Working as a pair (for now) of music fanatics and writers alike, WestCoast Weasel and Prairie “Oyster” Dog will continue to deliver more quality content to all of you.  Thanks for stopping by.  As always, comments and suggestions are welcomed.  Either of us can be contacted via our contact page. 

Special thanks to Karla Lemus, Kim Gagnon and Scott Malone who are responsible for either making this project a reality and/or maintaining its strength.  The lengthy list also extends to include all the readers who popped by and spread the good word. 

Steve “Weasel” Roland

Category : Weasel's Den | | Date : December 30, 2009

Red Deer, AB’s jacked up quartet of dirty rock n’ roll expel their final gasp with Smoke Alarm Charm

Click the album cover for the FREE download including high-res album art
Release date: 12/19/09
Format: MP3 (PC/MAC) – Online only @
1. Get Nocturnal
2. Cathedral Cash
3. Blood Shot Glass
4. The Dealer Said He’d Kill Me
5. Disappear Pressure
6. I Wanna Be Re-Animated
7. Temper, Temper
8. Lady Substance
9. Sever
10. Wolves Tale
11. The Chicago Typewriter
12. Smoke Alarm Charm

Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club is:
Jonny Bontje – Guitar
Spencer Donald – Drums
Scott Malone – Vocals
Logan Murray – Bass

…old school Aerosmith learning new drug tricks from Queens of the Stone Age.” – File 13 ‘zine

The wiser these guys get, the faster and harder their music becomes, not unlike a freight train (full of bootlegged liquor) barrelling down the tracks.” – Annonymous

Category : Weasel's Den | | Date : December 29, 2009