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March 26, 2010

I had my reservations when I heard the first track of Fang Island’s self-titled debut.  It started out with just synthesizer and I thought to myself, “great, just what I need, more hipsters and their love of synth.”  Fang Island’s sound can be summed up in four words:  “everyone high-fiving everyone.”  Their self-titled debut album may lack most prototypical song elements—continuity, a chorus, and sometimes any verse at all—but nonetheless joyous and catchy.  The album showcases many genres, from the smoothness of classic rock to the choppy edginess of post-punk, all collectively woven together so well that I was simply caught up in how fun it is.

The first track, “Dreams of Dreams,” starts off slow and simple, leading into the much more powerful “Careful Crossers.”  The third track, “Daisy,” is the one that had me sold on the album; it starts off strong and energetic then leads into an Andrew WK-esque epic harmonized guitar riff that continues throughout the track, accompanied by the chanting of “They are all within my reach / They are free.” Would it be cheesy to say that this song is perfect for chasing dreams?  Well, then call me cheesy, because it is.

At one point it may seem that Fang Island are complete deconstructionists, but then the music goes in an altogether different direction with “Treeton,” which sounds like it should belong on a Modest Mouse album.  The majority of the album is pulling and pushing you into every direction imaginable, but the last track, “Dorian” feels like Fang Island has taken everything that has come previously, given it some warm milk, and got it ready for bedtime, because it is incredibly calm and soothing—the perfect way to end an album so intense.

The music is infectious with its heady mix of humour, positive mantras, power chords, and squealing solos that makes Fang Island so unique and wonderful. It is definitely an early contender for what I believe may be one of my favourite albums of this year.

- Jenna “Street Rat” Sailer

out of 5 weasels.

Track Listing:

  1. Dreams of Dreams
  2. Careful Crossers
  3. Daisy (FREE MP3)
  4. Life Coach (FREE MP3)
  5. Sideswiper
  6. The Illinois
  7. Treeton
  8. Davy Crockett
  9. Welcome Wagon
  10. Dorian

Fang Island was released February 23, 2010 on Sargent House

Visit Fang Island online: /

“Daisy” music video

“Life Coach” music video

Never trust a street rat. Support the artist and find out for yourself. encourages purchasing Fang Island locally at Red Cat Records in Vancouver, B.C, any independent record store of your choice or online here.


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