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Date : April 10, 2010 Under : Weasel's Den

Propagandhi released a digital rarities EP on April 6, 2010. All net proceeds will raise money for Partners in Health (currently involved in the reparation of Haiti).  The three song EP features unreleased tunes that stemmed from 1993’s How To Clean Everything and 1996’s Less Talk, More Rock sessions.  The download contains high quality, DRM-free MP3’s and a 19-page digital booklet is also available as a free, secondary download.


  1. What Price Will You Pay (Code of Honor cover)
  2. Leg-Hold Trap
  3. Gamble (Lowest of The Low cover)

For fans of underground thrash, The Weakerthans, and Lowest Of The Low.  Find out how that’s even possible!  $3 for 3 songs, for charity AND your chance to win a Propagandhi vinyl prize pack.

1. Buy the EP, via the secure G7 Welcoming Committee web store.
2. Paste your confirmation code, your name and email address in the comments bellow and a random name will be drawn on April 18, 2010 for the LP prize pack (courtesy of

NOTE: Comments are NOT visible to other people.  They await moderation and will NOT be posted.  Open to residents of Canada and US only.

Tell your friends.  You don’t even need to like the tunes to want to donate.  The prize pack could make a great gift!

Date : April 10, 2010 Under : Weasel's Den

Good day,

We’re seeking one new writer to join our team!

Currently our focus is currently of rock and its sub-genres: Punk, indie, folk, hard rock and more but we are definitely not genre specific. If you’re in the Vancouver or Seattle area and you’d like to write for a fun, growing music website then we’d love to hear from you.


  • Turncoat Turntable (album reviews)
  • Renegade Rock Review (gig reviews)
  • Informant Inquisition (interviews)

Our content-rich reviews aim to feature MP3’s, lyrics, sample audio and embedded video to offer a more rich, interactive review medium beyond a traditional text-only format. Reviews have included She & Him, Against Me!, Johnny Cash, You Say Party We Say Die, Megadeth, Frank Turner, The Gaslight Anthem, AFI, Them Crooked Vultures, Wilco, Tom McRae, NOFX and many more.

Our interviewees have included members of Against Me!, Screeching Weasel, Propagandhi, Northcote, Cobra Skulls and Frank Turner.

This could be you!We’re hoping for someone who actively checks out new tunes and local gigs as well and—most of all—can write. We do get access to some advance material and periodic guest-listing at shows. Though, for the most part we’re hoping you routinely hit gigs and obtain music already. I would however like to help out, compensating your reviews by paying for some of your music and gigs, alike.  We are a non-profit website and the compensation is from personal income. The idea is that we’re doing this for the love, experience and exposure.  Please contact for more details.

The reviews are sent to our editor and sent back to me for posting. Bearing in mind that there’s a 24-48 hour turnaround after I initially receive the submissions, we still try for album and gig reviews to be posted within a week or a week and half of the release/show. This also isn’t set in stone but for obvious reasons it is our aim.

Contact with some examples of your writing.  Although we will contact every applicant, we are only siding with one fitting individual. A vermin moniker for each team member is part of the deal ;)


Steve “Weasel” Roland