Q: What is WestCoast Weasel and why should I follow him?
A: WestCoast Weasel (and family) are enthusiastic music fans documenting both their insights and experiences in their world of rock n’ roll.  Updates are posted frequently, therefore we suggest following the Weasel to ensure you are notified.  Archives are available and we suggest browsing it’s content if you haven’t been around lately.

NOTE: A few (very few) items may not be displayed perfectly in the first quarter archive (09/09 through 12/09) due to formatting issues with our old site.

Q: There are numerous review sites out there, why this one?
A: We strive to include content rich reviews (embedded audio, video, lyrics and links) providing an experience beyond a traditional “text-only” format.  We write and edit our own content, providing a reliable, consistent format.

Q: Can you describe the table of contents?
1. Turncoat Turntable – album review
2. Informant Inquisition – interview
3. Renegade Rock Review – gig review

    Q: Will the site expand beyond the three main sections (albums, gigs, interviews)?
    A: As much content as we can provide without sacrificing quality will be considered.

    Q: Can I write for the Weasel?
    A: If you’re interested in this project, then we’re probably interested in you.  Please contact us in regards to joining the vermin family.  Periodic guest submissions may also be posted.  Email us with subject: Guest Submission.

    Q: Can visitors make suggestions?
    A: Absolutely.  We may or may not take them into consideration but feel free to email us.  Anything outside of constructive criticism or suggestions will be ignored.

    Q: Can you review and/or interview my band, or a band I know?
    A: We are eager to support local bands, currently in the Vancouver, BC area.  Email us describing the band, show/album info and a reason why our visitors would be interested.

    Q: Can you please remove embedded audio or unauthorized music samples?
    A: Official websites, MySpace and label sites are scouted for samples first and are credited.  Any unauthorized audio or video will be removed upon request. (Vermin Verdict sampler not included.  Why?  Email me)

    Q: Can you please remove an image that is mine?
    A: If we’ve used an image or likeness that is copyright protected, please let us know and it will be removed immediately.