Turncoat Turntable 035: The Barrington Southwinds – Nuclear Medicine EP

by WestCoast Weasel
June 21, 2010 in : Turncoat Turntable

At times, being approached to review an upcoming band’s release can be daunting for a multitude of reasons.  Thankfully these boys made it easy.  Real easy.  Hailing from the... 

Turncoat Turntable 034: Against Me! – White Crosses

by WestCoast Weasel
June 14, 2010 in : Turncoat Turntable

Well, this day finally had to come; it’s a day I’ve been avoiding for a couple of reasons.  When music is the most important thing to you and your task is to either build up... 

Renegade Rock Review Vol. 25: Sage Francis w/ B. Dolan and Free Moral Agents

by WestCoast Weasel
June 8, 2010 in : Renegade Rock Review

May 31, 2010 The Biltmore Cabaret Vancouver, B.C I arrived at the often hot, stuffy, yet always appealing Biltmore Cabaret in anticipation for a night of conscious hip-hop.  Outside,... 

Informant Inquisition X – Big John Bates

by WestCoast Weasel
May 23, 2010 in : Informant Inquisition

Prior to Big John’s recent home town show at The Bourbon, we had a chat about his risque entourage, rockabilly, his plans for 2010 and more.  Gig review and huge, high quality... 

Renegade Rock Review Vol. 25: Big John Bates & The Voodoo Dolls w/ Waltz Darling

by WestCoast Weasel and Photo Gopher
May 21, 2010 in : Renegade Rock Review

May 14, 2010 The Bourbon Vancouver, B.C I’d yet to witness the rambunctious live show that Big John and his Voodoo Dolls have notoriously shared with many here in Vancouver... 

Turncoat Turntable 033: Sage Francis – Li(f)e

by WestCoast Weasel
May 19, 2010 in : Turncoat Turntable

On Sage’s third (and final) release for Epitaph and/or its subsidiary Anti- he opts for personal introspection, as well as counter fundamentalism.  Enlisting an indie star studded...