Turncoat Turntable 026: Ratt – Infestation

by Prairie "Oyster" Dog
April 28, 2010 in : Turncoat Turntable

It is kind of admirable that a band such as Ratt would come out with a new record in 2010.  Most of their peers are merely content playing county fairs, clubs, and the annual Rocklahoma... 

Turncoat Turntable 025: Redrick Sultan – s/t

by Hipster Hamster
April 27, 2010 in : Turncoat Turntable

“Prog” has, for the last couple of decades, remained a dirty word in most music circles. Epitomizing the musical excesses that punk, grunge and indie rock reacted against, progressive... 

Renegade Rock Review Vol. 24: Frank Turner w/ Dave Hause & Northcote

by WestCoast Weasel and Photo Gopher
April 21, 2010 in : Renegade Rock Review

April 15, 2010 The Media Club Vancouver, B.C I knew seeing Frank Turner at The Media Club was bound to be a special, intimate experience.  When I realized that Northcote and Dave... 

Informant Inquisition IX – The Flatliners

by WestCoast Weasel
April 14, 2010 in : Informant Inquisition

These boys rolled in town last Friday at The Media Club and tore the room a new one.  Their latest album Cavalcade is out now and it’s one of the best album’s I’ve... 

Renegade Rock Review Vol. 23: The Flatliners w/ Cobra Skulls & Broadway Calls

by WestCoast Weasel and Photo Gopher
April 14, 2010 in : Renegade Rock Review

April 9, 2010 The Media Club Vancouver, B.C Although I’d been running on 2.5 hours of sleep (due in part to a 2:30 am phone call to Frank Turner), I made it to The Media Club with... 

Turncoat Turntable 024: Jónsi – Go

by Hipster Hamster
April 13, 2010 in : Turncoat Turntable

Jónsi’s Go shares a lot with a typical nine-year-old boy. “Go Do,” track one from the Sigur Rós front man’s latest solo venture, starts off with an excess of energy,...